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Paris package ( accommodates 60 guest or less)

Eiffel package (accommodates 61 guest or more) Up to 150 guests

Daily rates

Eiffel package (Large Package)


Mon-Thurs. 1,600.00.  

Friday 1,900.00  

Sat   2,200.00  


Half Day Rate Packages (10-4p or 6p-12a)

Paris package (small package)

Mon-Thurs   600. 00        

Fri./Sun  800.00        

Sat.  1,100.00


Half Day Rate Packages (10-4p or 6p-12a)

Eiffel package (large package)

Mon-Thurs   800.00        

Fri./Sun   1,200.00      

Sat.   1,300.00


Hourly rates

145.00 per hr. (Mon-Thursday)

185.00 per hr. (Fri-Sun)

3 hour minimum , 4 hour max for hourly rentals

Hourly events come with the Paris package, upgrade to the Eiffel Package is available.

WW                                                           Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Set up 150.00 (chairs and setup up to 130 chairs)


Upgrade Your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony Package Set up $250.00 (Chairs, setup, wedding decorative ring, aisle bannisters, and chair flowers)

Bridal Suite $125.00


  • Ticketed events and large Quinceanera's are leased at an additional 15% uncharge.

  •  Holidays venues are leased at an additional 25% up charge


**Prep kitchen included with all rentals**


                                            Contact us about our large corporate package rates


*Serving alcohol requires security per Fairfield County.  (4 hr minimum requirement) 


* Booking  deposits required  to hold your event date is 25% of the event price and is non refundable.

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