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Online Booking

Paris package ( accommodates 60 guest or less)

Eiffel package (accommodates 61 guest or more) Up to 150 guests


Daily rates (Eiffel package only)

Mon-Thurs. 1,600.00.    Friday 1,900.00    Sat   2,200.00  


Half Day Rate Packages (10-4p or 6p-12a)

Paris package Mon-Thurs   600. 00        Fri./Sun  800.00          Sat.  1,100.00

Eiffel package Mon-Thurs   800.00         Fri./Sun   1,200.00       Sat.   1,300.00


Hourly rate

145.00 per hr. (Mon-Thursday)

185.00 per hr. (Fri-Sun)

3 hour minimum , 4 hour max for hourly rentals

Hourly events come with the Paris package, upgrade to the Eiffel Package is available.

Contact us about our corporate package rates


*Prep kitchen included with all package rentals


Bridal Suite/ Birthday Prep Suite $150.00


*Ticketed events are leased at an additional 15% uncharge.

*Quinceanera's  and Holiday venues are leased at an additional 25% up charge


*Alcohol being served requires security per Fairfield County.  (4 hr minimum requirement) 


* Booking  deposits required  to hold your event date are 25% of your event price and are non refundable.

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